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Tashkent is a place of striking beauty and outstanding promise. The city emerged from the devastating 1966 earthquake stronger than ever, completely modernizing its infrastructure in the process of re-building. The city continues to embrace a forward-looking vision, as evidenced in its towering skyscrapers and competitive universities. Tashkent's metro is the only one in Central Asia, and each station features distinctive architecture and décor that reflects the rich cultural and artistic heritage of the region. This is emblematic of the city as a whole, which is at once resolutely modern and steeped in tradition. Wherever you look there are subtle and not-so-subtle reminders of the past. Among the wide boulevards of the new city the past occasionally emerges in the form of ancient mosques, madrassas, and bazaars.

Arriving at the Dedeman Tashkent could not be easier. The hotel is only 8 kilometers (4.9 miles) from the Tashkent Airport in the heart of the modern city. The central business district and many of the exciting restaurants and other attractions are located within just 2 kilometers (1.24 miles) of the hotel. In short, whether you have come on business, to hold meetings in our state-of-the-art facilities, or simply to explore all that this inspiring region has to offer, the Dedeman Tashkent is the hotel for you.

Nearby Attractions

Kukeldash Madrassa

Dating back to the reign of Abdullah Khan II, which spanned the mid to late 16th century, this madrasa is currently being restored by the provincial Religious Board of Mawarannahr Muslims. While there is talk of making it into a museum, it is currently being used as a mosque.

Chorsu Bazaar

Located near the Kukeldash Madrassa, this huge open-air bazaar is the centre of the old town of Tashkent. Everything imaginable is for sale, from oriental carpets, to copperware, to rope. This is an excellent place to get a feel for the local scene, which, at the bazaar, appears to have changed little since the time of Khanates.

Khast Imam Mosque

This mosque contains the Uthman Koran, widely considered the oldest extant Koran in the world. Dating from 655 and stained with the blood of the murdered caliph Uthman, it was brought by Timur to Samarkand. Later seized by the Russians as a trophy of war and taken to Saint Petersburg, it was returned to Uzbekistan in 1924.

Yunus Khan Mausoleum

Belonging to a group of three 15th century mausoleums that were restored in the 19th century, the Yunus Khan Mausoleum is the largest, standing well above the others in height. This imposing edifice is the final resting place of the grandfather of the founder of the Mughal Empire, Babur.

Alisher Navoi Opera and Ballet Theatre

Built by the same architect who designed Lenin's Tomb in Moscow, Aleksey Shchusev, this modern architectural masterpiece was built with Japanese prisoner of war labour during World War II. The theatre’s calendar includes an exciting program of Russian ballet and opera, including classical Western opera, such as Carmen and the Magic Flute, as well as the great opera of Uzbekistan, Timur the Great.

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