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Flex by Taxim Pilates

FLEX is a new generation Pilates studio founded by instructors with STOTT PILATES certificate.

STOTT PILATES, a pilates method, is based on the core strength and auto control of the body. STOTT PILATES followers believe that it is a must to be flexible to embrace life and to be happy. Within this approach, FLEX Pilates Studio aims to be flexible in preparing its workout programs and lessons. Flex’s membership opportunities are also diverse and target those who would like to manage their own time during the day. It is possible to find the best lessons in the best hours that fit its members.

FLEX developed a training program and prepared lessons by using pilates as its base activity. The multifunctional mat pilates lessons at Flex are addressed to specific needs. Flex studio instructors know that it is possible to find the best results in mat pilates as well as reformer pilates and that’s why teachers help everyone by using verbal and tactile feedback to ensure the proper form and the best body alignment while training.

FLEX’s training lessons are consisted of group mat pilates, group yoga, one to one reformer pilates, TRX, Ballet Bar and functional training.
Flex offers a different and more peaceful environment for those who are seeking for relax and easy going workout studio as it puts pilates and flexibility in its core. Flex first aims to be a place full of peace and tranquility and opens its doors for those who would like to be part of this journey.