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The Dedeman Ski Lodge Palandoken is located one thousand meters (3,280 feet) below the summit of the 3,278-meter (10,734 feet) Mount Palandoken and just six kilometers (3.7 miles) from Erzurum city center. A short drive brings you into the heart of this modern city, and yet, when you are on the slopes enjoying the best skiing in Turkey or engaging in a late night fireside chat, it feels worlds away. The Erzurum Airport, which features the second longest runway in Turkey, is only 30 minutes from the hotel by cab. In addition to the ski slopes at Dedeman Ski Lodge’s doorstep, Erzurum has some of the finest winter sports facilities in Turkey and hosted the 2011 Winter Universiade.

Nearby Attractions

The "Twin Minaret" Madrasa

This imposing 13th century structure was built from smooth pre-cut rock and features impressive stone carvings on its main doors and two towering minarets decorated with fine tile work. After being damaged during a battle, it was used as a cannon foundry and then a barracks during the reign of Sultan Murat IV. In 1942, it was converted into a museum and remains open to visitors to this day.

Yakutiye Madrasa and Museum

Famous for its minaret, which features intricate motifs inlaid between weaving bands of tiles in relief, this Madrasa was built in the 14th century and is the last example of a closed-courtyard Madrasa. Today it houses Erzurum's Turkish-Islamic Arts & Ethnography Museum which, in addition to an extensive collection artefacts, particularly from the Urartian Empire, features a striking central dome lined with faceted stalactite work, as well as a quiet and leafy central courtyard garden.

Covered Bazaar

Set in the city centre, this bazaar is renowned for its fine jewellery and decorative objects made out of Oltu Stone, also known as black amber, a stone that comes from the nearby town of Oltu. The stone is known for its characteristic softness, making it easy to carve; however, it begins to harden after prolonged exposure to oxygen. Islamic prayer beads made from Oltu Stone are much prized throughout Turkey.

Erzurum Citadel

Located six km (3.7 miles) from modern-day Erzurum this 5th century Byzantine citadel is famous its clock tower, which was built in the 12th century by a noted ruler of the Saltuklu Dynasty, Muzaffer Gazi Bin Ebu’l Kasim. Also worth seeing are the citadel's keep and four gates, which bear various medieval inscriptions and reliefs attesting to its importance as a fortress along the Silk Road.

Tortum Waterfall

This breathtaking 48-mt (157 foot) waterfall located next to Lake Tortum, 100 km (62 miles) north of Erzurum, is definitely worth the one-hour drive. Tortum Lake was formed as the result of a massive landslide, which blocked the valley through which the Tortum River flowed.

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