Safe Address of Normalized Weddings Park Dedeman Elazig



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Safe Address of Normalized Weddings Park Dedeman Elazig

Park Dedeman Elazığ, which makes the privilege of Dedeman feel at all times, continues to be one of the first places that come to mind for unforgettable weddings with its stylish hall alternatives, where it hosts its guests with the measures included in the 'Stay Safe' manifesto during the pandemic process. Hosting special day celebrations with Dedeman's experience of more than half a century, the hotel, which has the "Safe Tourism Certificate", brings all the details to life with the Dedeman Wedding brand. Park Dedeman Elazığ also offers special opportunities for couples who want to be together with their loved ones on their happiest days.

Park Dedeman Elazig, the hotel of Turkey's first international hotel chain Dedeman Hotels & Resorts International, located in the historical and touristic city of the Eastern Anatolia Region, Elazig, continues to be the architect of unforgettable moments in the new era with its wedding organizations reflecting Dedeman experience and quality. Dedeman Wedding team promises a stylish start in Park Dedeman Elazığ with indoor wedding organizations where social distance is maintained in accordance with the new normal and hygiene rules are applied at the highest level.

Park Dedeman Elazığ hosts the happiest days of couples with its Meşkhane Hall with a capacity of 300 people and Safir Hall with a capacity of 100 people. In the organization, where the measures in the Dedeman 'Stay Safe' manifesto are reflected in all details, a safe and enjoyable organization is offered to the guests with a non-contact service approach in addition to the hygiene and social distance rule.

Perfect planning with Dedeman Wedding

In the organizations, every stage of which is perfectly planned by Dedeman Wedding, all details aiming to make the lives of the wedding owners easier are evaluated. Dedeman Wedding team, who is with the couples from start to finish in the preparations for the invitation, can organize every detail from a single source, from the welcome cocktail to the bride's way, from the wedding menus to the specially designed wedding cake, from the decor to the decorations. Thus, couples have the opportunity to experience an unforgettable day where they will feel the privilege of the Dedeman brand from start to finish, without getting tired or taking risks.

Ideal place for engagement and henna organizations

While Park Dedeman Elazığ offers different campaigns full of opportunities to wedding owners, it also hosts weddings of all sizes, as well as all special day organizations such as engagement and henna, with its indoor halls. It is also among the favorite venues for after parties, which have attracted great attention recently.

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