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Overlooking the Black Sea and lush, forested mountains that define the timeless landscape of the Black Sea region, the Dedeman Rize is located in the heart of the most fertile land in Turkey. The historic center of Rize is just five kilometers from the hotel, which is conveniently located beside the Black Sea Highway. The Rize airport is a 45-minute cab ride away. The Dedeman Rize is easy and convenient to access whether you have come to explore the natural beauty of the region or attend meetings at our extensive meeting facilities, or both. The Dedeman Rize offers our guests a host of activities that take advantage of the hotel’s outstanding location. The region's cool summers make it the ideal getaway from the heat and bustle of larger Turkish cities, while the region provides plenty of opportunities for nature lovers to explore and discover its beautiful landscape. Sea excursions, mountain hikes among towering pines, waterfalls and unforgettable glacier lakes are within easy access of the hotel. While you may come to the Dedeman Rize on business, stunning natural beauty and the promise of discovery are never far away...

Nearby Attractions

Rize Castle

Built in the 14th century by the Genoese, this Byzantine-era castle exudes an aura of mystery. Located next to the Firtina River, its moss-covered facade reveals few secrets to curious visitors who brave the craggy landscape for a peek at this imposing yet romantic structure.


Uzungöl, which means ‘Long Lake’ in Turkish, was formed when a landslide blocked off a stream, creating a natural dam. This secluded spot, which features gorgeous terrain composed of fertile valleys, rolling farmland, cascading waterfalls and rivers, is not to be missed by nature lovers.

Ayder Alpine Meadow

Located high up in the mountains above Rize, Ayder features many hot springs that are sought-after for their soothing and restorative qualities. The surrounding landscape is equally soothing, with sweeping views of the forested mountains in supremely peaceful and relaxing natural environment.

Kackar Mountains National Park

Kackar Mountains National Park contains a range of glaciated, alpine mountains featuring steep rocky peaks, alpine meadows and mountain lakes. Declared a national park in 1994, tourism activities include hiking, camping, mountaineering and heli-skiing. There are many species of wild animals living in the park, including endangered species such as black vultures, Apollo butterflies, the Caucasus viper and an endemic species of bullfinch.

Maiden's Castle

This 14th century castle was built on a small island of rock immediately off the coast of Rize as a type of fortification, probably for defence of the city against attacks from the sea. It stands mostly intact to this day, rising well above its foundations on an outcropping of rock that is within swimming distance from the shore.

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