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Harput Castle

Situated over the rocks which are dominating the Elazig plain and history of the citadel goes back to Urartu period.
There are rooms and secret passageways carved into rocks during the Urartian era  in the Citadel. It is known from historical documents the castle was dominated by Romans, Byzantiums and Arabs.
According to a legend;  milk was used and mixed to the cement of the constructure in order to have a stronger structure therefore citadel also known in some sources as milk castle .
Castle many times renovated especially during the principalities period of Anatolia  . Castle improved and got bigger with the new parts added in years .
The main entrance of the citadel is in the easternside facing to Harput district. Besides main entrance there are 2 gates located in North and Western sides with the Metris and Dag kapi names .
Castle formed by  two separate part ( interior castle and exterior castle ).  Castle mostly built by the rough cut and chipped stone blocks and the masonry used in the architechture of Citadel was superb. 
Interior castle has a small area in size however a mosque ,  bazaar, water cisterns and granaries were fit in the area.
The fascinating view of  the Elazig and Harput from the castle is impressive .


Located in the Hazarbaba Mountains in the Elazig district, this resort was only opened in 1999 and is still being improved. 

Elazig is on the western side of the Eastern Anatolian region, and is well connected by road to all over the country. There are daily flights from Ankara, and three trains a week from Istanbul. The Hazarbaba Ski Centre is 25km south of Elazig, and 6km from Sivrice, and there are private vehicles to the centre. 
Hazarbaba Mountain has an altitude of 2347m with an average snow depth of between 100 – 200cm. The season runs between December and March, and has a terrestrial climate. 
The resort has a ski lodge and a cafe. Ski equipment is available for hire, and there are plans to construct accommodation facilities. The T-bar was recently upgraded, and the ski run improved to cater for all levels of experience. 

Lake Hazar

A tectonic lake wedged  between Hazarbaba and Mastar mountains and it is located 22 km away from Elazig on the route of Elazig Diyarbakir.

Elazig hazar lake is the most important  lake of Eastern and southeastern Anatolia with unique natural beaches , water sport facilities and fishing options.

The length of the lake is 22 km and width is 5-6 km.  The water of lake does not contain neither soda nor salt therefore water is always so clear and fresh.

Many camping facilities , hotels , motels , restaurants, picnic areas,  fish restaurants located along the Elazig Hazar lake offer the most comfortable  holidays in Eastern Anatolia region.

There is also an old ancient sunken site found in the researches increase the attraction to the area. 

How to to Lake Hazar

From Elazig city center ; minibuses and buses can be caught to get the lake or you need to drive almost thirty minutes with  your own car to reach the lake hazar and facilities.

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