Park Dedeman Levent receives "Leed Gold Certificate"

Park Dedeman Levent receives 31 December 2015

Park Dedeman Levent was awarded with “Gold Certificate”, one of the highest ranking achievements of most significant environmental sustainability and energy efficiency document LEED”, with their environment friendly building design.

Park Dedeman Levent operating under Dedeman Group, which shows utmost care and sensitivity in all their projects to ensure energy efficiency and develop a sustainable lifestyle, achieved “Leed Gold Certificate”. Providing their customers with comfort and a sustainable future alike, Park Dedeman Levent achieved LEED Certificate, developed by U.S. Green Building Certification Institute, in O+M Existing Buildings category.

Park Dedeman Levent Hotel Manager Tunay Erdal stated that they were very happy to achieve most common and reliable Green Building Certification, Leed Gold Certificate, with their environment friendly design building, and added: ‘Our hotel building was projected according to LEED criteria during architectural design and construction phases. It is very valuable for us to achieve this certificate, which is rewarded by considering many features such as water consumption, recycling phases of the structure, materials used, and interior space quality.'

Park Dedeman Levent: Environment and Energy Friendly Design Leader

Park Dedeman fulfils all requirements of Leed Gold Certificate with a building equipped with environment friendly systems, and also stands out with savings on energy and water consumption. This hotel saves 40 percent water and 18 percent electricity compared to its counterparts.

Park Dedeman Levent demonstrates respect to nature and effective resource use with 50 percent waste recycling rate of the rubble produced, and 25 percent recycled material usage during construction.

Quality of the air you breathe also matters

In order to improve the quality of air their guests are exposed to, Park Dedeman Levent features low VOC (Volatile Organic Carbon) materials in interior spaces, and thus minimizes the chemicals used in paint, carpets and glues. In addition, with utmost care to use local materials in construction and interior space design, Park Dedeman Levent also contributes to domestic economy.


What is LEED certification system?

LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) environment friendly building certificate system, started in 1998 and awarded by U.S. Green Building Certification Institute, is the most common and reliable Green Building Certificate system. LEED certificate evaluates major sustainable design criteria applied in new building construction or renovation of current buildings, and rewards environmental sustainability and energy efficiency.

LEED Green Building Grading System determines high performance buildings that are healthy, environment friendly, and economic and profitable in their operational expenses, and introduces a practical standard for building owners and managers for design, construction, management and maintenance of environmentally sustainable buildings.

Projects under LEED are evaluated and graded according to many aspects such as encouraging mass transit and alternative transporting systems, water saving and efficient water usage, introducing an energy efficient design and operational system choice, improving indoor air quality and control, and minimum use of daylight. Nominees certified by examinations performed by GBCI (Green Building Certification Institute) are recognized as “LEED Accredited Professional” or “LEED Green Associate”, and employed as authorized consultants at certification level.