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The Best Social Media Managing Brand!

The Best Social Media Managing Brand! 19.04.2013

In Tourism Technologies Summit 2013, which has been held for the first time this year, “Dijital Bavul Ödülleri” has been granted. Dedeman Hotels & Resorts International, the first international hotel chain of Turkey, was selected as "The Best Social Media Managing Brand" in the summit. 

In the event, inspired by reservation systems in the tourism sector, global reservation networks, development of electronic sales channels, classic marketing methods, changing to digital marketing system and the dominance of digital world in the sector, many awards were granted.

The power of social media in the recent times also draws attention in tourism sector just as it does in all sectors. Dedeman Hotels & Resorts International, which follows closely the innovations in its sector, was deemed worthy of "The Best Social Media Managing Brand" within “Dijital Bavul Ödülleri”.