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Enjoy The Weekend Gateway in Dedeman Konya …

Dedeman Hotels & Resorts International, continues its special offers based on a following statement: “So many places to discover… So many Dedemans” Dedeman Konya Hotel & Convention Center awaits its guests for the weekends, offering prices starting from 70 € per day. 

The guests will take the advantage of discounts up to 40% on weekends in addition to Dedeman Konya’s special offers until the end of this year. The guests who submit their train tickets will have an additional 20% discount for their spending. The campaign makes the weekend getaways more special with an open-buffet breakfast in Dedeman Konya.

Guests will have the chance to visit many museums in Konya and enjoy a free tour to Rumi Cultural Center where it is possible to see a Sufi Whirling. Either for discovering the cities surrounded with history or for a peaceful time spent with nature, the guests will have the chance to experience the “Traditional Dedeman Hospitality” with very special discounts.  

Special Offers