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Stay at Dedeman on the Weekends, Explore the Pleasure


Dedeman Hotels & Resorts International, the first international hotel chain of Turkey, offers a weekend campaign to its guests based on a following statement: “So many places to discover… So many Dedemans”

The discount campaign that covers all Dedeman Hotels will be applied in accommodations to take place on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Dedeman Hotels, operating in different cities from Istanbul through Rize, Şanlıurfa to Diyarbakır, where each season is experienced to the fullest extent in touch with culture, history and nature, provide an exquisite opportunity to its guests for weekend holidays through a campaign, which will be valid until 31st December 2015.

Explore Turkey’s unique beauties with Dedeman’s accommodation opportunities. Enjoy discounts up to 40% every weekend at every Dedeman.

Special Offers